Перевод песни Mark Knopfler – Get Lucky

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I'm better with my muscles
Than I am with my mouth
I worked the fairgrounds in the summer
And go pick fruit down south
And when I'm feel them chilly winds
Where the weather goes I follow
Pack up my traveling things go with the swallows
And I might get lucky now and then
You win some, you might get lucky now and then
You win some
I wake up every morning
Keep on eye on what I spent
Gotta think about eating
Gotta think about paying the rent
I always think it's funny
It gets me everytime
I wonder about the happiness and money
Tell it to the breadline
Now I'm rambling through this meadow happy as a man can be Think I just lay me down under this old tree
On and on we go through this old world of shuffling
If you got a truffle dog, you can go truffling