Перевод песни Cab Calloway – Is That Religion?

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Brethren, sistren
I've got shoes (You've got shoes)
All of our children got shoes
Brethren (Yeah!), sistren (Yeah!)
Oh, hear my preachin', hear my preachin', do Brethren (Yeah!), sistren (Yeah!)
The good books teachin' ain't been reachin' you
Sister, you strut the aisles
All dressed to kill with style
You wink your eye and smile
Is that religion?
One thing I do despise
You catch my deacon's eyes
That's where the weakness lies
Is that religion? (Tell us all about it!)
You see your parsons vexed
Doggone it, you got him so preplexed
Now you know doggone well my mind ain't on my text
Now tell me, is that religion?
You know there's gonna be some cheatin' did
You all done took me off my lid
Tryin' to get your partners to skid
Now you know doggone well that ain't religion!