Перевод песни Johnny Burnette – Damn the Defiant

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Out in an English harbor waits an old but rugged ship
Waiting for a crew of men so she can make her trip
Out searching was the best gang that everyone knew well
A-searchin' the streets & gutters so the Defiant could set sail
The captain ordered to see the men to pick them for his crew
Called for headstruck daughters but for all the good men too
Out to sail this morning, Italy was her destiny
To escort back a convoy that was helpless on the sea
The HMS Defiant sailed to live up to her name
There was no word of mutiny aboard, but who was there to blame?
The Defiant reached its destiny, no timber ships in sight
So returning home, the French approached; the Defiant had to fight
She captured herself a vessel with a chest of jewels aboard
Along with the Frenchmen who advised Napoleon under his sword
With Captain Culvert wounded was there not a man to care
The first lieutenant took command with mutiny in the air
The breakout be with 2 men named Evans & Vazar
Commanded the mutineers to take the ship where they desired
The English were surrounded by the French who came to fight
With love for England the mutineers turned to fight with all their might
The Defiant walked through through fire & hell to save the Admiral Fleet
A pardon keepin' the mutineers from making the French retreat
(repeat & fade):
The HMS Defiant sailed to live up to her name
The word of mutiny now was gone & no man was to blame