Перевод песни Ronnie Freeman – Deeper Still

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There's a place inside of me There's hunger for a change
I have tried to satisfy
I have tried to rearrange
Needing Him completely
I come ready for my fill
Is it then He asks of me Will I go deeper still
Will I go deeper still
Listen, can you hear His voice
Hear Him calling, let all men rejoice
And leave the shallow place you're in Come and meet Him if you will
He beckons and He speaks to us Will we go deeper still
Deeper than the waters I have stood in for so long
Setting out to sea where I know the hand of God is strong
Leaving all the worries that I let keep me from going on He troubles where I stand until I go deeper still
What He has for us Is wrapped up in mysteries unknown
To the mortal mind
If we're willing to go deeper
Beyond what we can see
Then I know life awaits us abundantly
Contribuição: Bruno Zache