Перевод песни Ginny Owens – Tyranny

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I used to perch upon the fence
Just to watch it all
Never get involved
Just watch it all
I never overstepped my boundaries
I let others be
And spent my time taking care of me
I used to hold on to
A very passive point of view
And it served me well enough for quite awhile
But I grew weary wasting time
Trying to make the stars align
And these days that life's just not my style
Cause I'm no longer the same
I'm no longer ashamed
I'm no longer afraid
Oh I'm breaking free
From the tyranny of me
Rescued from the lies I've lived
I belong to you
How can I lose if I say what's true
Even in this age of spin
Why should I pretend
And spend my life trying to fit in
I've sold my soul before
But that won't happen anymore
Vying for love or being nice
Thought I was in control
But I was such a slave, you know
Till you came and saved my life
You've loved me
You've known me
You've freed me
Now you own me