Перевод песни сборник – I Love the Way

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I love poetry with brilliant rhymes
And songs that draw me in
With clever opening lines
I love rainy Sunday afternoons
Being kissed by sun
And dreaming under the moon
The way the ocean feels at high tide
The gentle stillness of midnight, Oh I-
I love the way You are so good to me
I love the way You're so inspiring
I don't know why You love me like You do
But I love You
I love all the signs of city life
And marvel at the way
The world just hurries by
I love breathing in the mountain air
Climbing to the top
And finding that You're there
Catching glimpses of Your mysteries
I find Your fingerprints on everything
What I mean
I hear Your music everywhere
So gentle, yet so strong
Your melody floats on the air
And every time I hear You there
I've got to sing along