Перевод песни George Rowe – Broken

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Verse 1:
You said I'd have no more than I could handle
But everyday it seems to be getting harder to make good
Through You, You said I can do anything... anything
But sometimes I feel like I can't do it at all
I've been knocked down and dragged around
And now I don't know which way to go All I need is one small sign to point me to the way where You want me
I'm confused. But I'm still calling on You
I'm broken
Now I'm ready for You to pick up the pieces
Direct me. Mold me.
Accept me. Hold me Put the fragments of my life together again
'Cause I'm broken
Verse 2:
Somewhat embarrassed to admit this
I wonder if it's the other one, or You
Is he trying to tempt
Or is it You who's tryin' to strengthen me I am weak. I'm confessing to You
My pride has been bruised
I suppose that's good
My will to You I surrender
Now bring to light Yours