Перевод песни Steve Forbert – The Sweet Love That You Give Sure Goes a Long, Long Way

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Well, the road seems so long before me, I'm feeling confused and
hungry, dark clouds are blocking moonlight -- time is sleepin road
signs are all against me, daybreak sorta seems to take forever cars
pass and put me down, I'm tired and freezing
I'm living in those harmonies, the sweet love that you give sure
goes a long long way and I, I, won't forget it*
I'm trying to be an honest injun, slow walking down a noisy
sidewalk, cruel words from rowdy cowboys here in boomtown seems
everybody's shooting six-guns I'm sick of trying to please 'em all I heard tell that it can't be done and I don't deny it RPT *
train coming rolling down the track now, click clack and I can't go back now, hot kettle on your mama's stove and I've ...heard it whistle I don't wanna see no fortune teller, I'd rather do without
prediction I'll see it when it's all around me, hey, what's the
hurry? *