Перевод песни Steve Forbert – Song for the South (Time's Gonna Take Me Back)

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Baby's livin'on from hand to mouth
She's roamin'all alone in the deep, dark South
Her eyes are tired
An'she's been livin'with a brain full of sunset fire too long
Babe, I wanna send this song to you
I'm hopin'what I feel will ring on through
I've seen the stars
An'I can see 'em in a dream of where you are right now
Yes and time's gonna take me back
(Yes and) time's gonna take me back
Yes and time's gonna take me back to you
Baby's got the only love I trust
She's standin'in the rainy rust an'dust
She's straight with me Baby's got my wild nighttime sea laid down
Babe, I wanna get your hand in mine
Let my little song be a screamin'sign
You are the one
An'I'll be hangin'on to the things we done. .. meanwhile
This city here kicks an'rumbles
Way on past the midnight hour
There ain't nowhere to walk or run to get away
The world and the work's before me
I'm caught in the plans I made up I don't know when, but I'll be back to you someday
Baby's wakin'up in the delta sun
She's wakin'up to blues an'she's on the run
That land is old
An'it's haunted by a ghost in the chains of gold. .. blood chains
Babe, I wanna cool you down for free
I wanna do for you what you done for me Your eyes are tired
An'you've been livin'with a brain full of sunset fire too long