Перевод песни Steve Forbert – January 23 - 30, 1978

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Plane comes down on the old runway
Home again for a week I'll stay
Hanging out like I used to do Hope to find some old friends I knew;
Hear the news in the honky-tonk
Who got married, yes, and who split up Drinking beer while the jukebox plays
Brand new songs made for brand new days;
Quiet nights and empty streets
Sleepy town, humble home, yes
Same old waltz in the wind
By the railroad tracks;
Riding out to a country bridge
Moonlight shining across the ridge
Frozen trees 'neath a billion stars
Yeah, there's seven friends crammed in Robby's car;
High as kites and wild and gone
Drunk as well and laughing loud
Back at home I say good night (good night)
And I close the door;
Sunday morning the church bell rings
The organ plays and the choir sings
Where am I while the preacher speaks?
Dreaming dreams 'tween my sheets asleep
Waking up and trying to think
Oh what went down, hey what'd we do?
I rub my eyes and shake my head, yes
And feel the sun;
Plane takes off on the old runway
Snow fell light on the ground today
Lost an hour I gained before
Flying back to my New York door;
Fare thee well, adios, adieu
And yes best of luck to all of you
I ain't no saint and I don't pretend to be But I hope you all found a friend in me;
City lights blink and shine
Down below, let it change
It's often said that life is strange, oh yes
But compared to what?