Перевод песни The Green Pajamas – Mike Brown

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He's got a Pinto with mag wheels
Man, it's super cool
Every day he drives it to the school
To hang out and play pool
Mike Brown's good to have around
He'll always get you high
He's gotta sell an awful lot of shoes
Cause there's a lot of pot to buy
I wish that I could be Mike Brown
Take a pretty girl out on the town
Or maybe just make out all night
I wish I could be just like Mike
I dig his shades
Must be made in France
Cool shades on a cool guy
Made for cool romance
Mike Brown, what a clown
Guy's a real wit
One one-liner one after another
No one wants him to quit
To me he's the epitome
Of what a man should be He's the guy who always gets the girl
The girl of my dreams