Перевод песни Cab Calloway – The Boogie Woogie

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Now, I want all you fine cats and queens
That are stashed away to these fine tables
Are digging this jive I'm gonna gonna lay on in just a tick
I'm gonna spiel to you about a brand new dance
That's gonna slide through your conk and kill ya Really knock you out. Do you hear me slidin' my Jip to you? Well get ready to do this dance
'cause it's gonna kill you now
First you go on your toes
Then you throw out your hands
That's the way that it goes
The boogie-woogie dance
Then you fall off the
Then you go into a turn
It's so easy to learn
The boogie-woogie dance!
And then you drag your feet
To the old? beat
Then you pull around like this
Then you hesitate, you ride from one to eight
Yeah! Oh, I know you can't miss
Then you walk and you stop
Hold it, hold it, hold it right there!
And a shuffle or two
That's the way that you do The boogie-woogie dance!