Перевод песни Durag Dynasty – Shooters

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The massacre slashy, a ball and a plane passenger
The dope rhyme probable cause from the drug trafficker
John Fonte make a cocaine canister
Presidential pardon, I'm the campaign manager
We in the big league, soaring over the amateurs
Super max level, they rap smash you characters
You wouldn't hurt a flea with malaria
You are dirt under my shovel, that's why I bury ya About shootin, not destitute
Til you may stay in school while I bless my loop
Put a cross around my head til I bless the dead
From the moment I awake til I rest my head
Slow pace, speed it up, don't look down, I'm headed up Took a long shot with a twin block and wet it up Bullet shower, led on a land spread, no letting up Til I see the white of his eyes he ain't getting up Do that shit, yea do it Ice griller, general mills and get bruisers
Flash your little cannon on us — you better use it If it's guns going off in the spot then we the shooters
Yea do that shit, yea do it Keep thinkin life is a game, you gonna lose it Flash your little cannon on us — you better use it If it's guns going off in the spot then we the shooters
This shit like you wanna pull a leg
Rappers is full of shit and a room of guns is full of clips
You ought to just quit, dollars is spent
On yo head like the shotty from a nautica trench
And this is edge
To leave em dead, ridin the snitch
Get yo stocks like my 501's, spray then dretch
Blow yo spot like grenades with grip like a bad trip
When I see blood like I was raised to crip
Too many jewels go to fuck with these fools though
I master my circumference, resurrect mummies from out the tombstone
Most flyest, mosaic
Told the riot, pump load and fire, it's luck you and yo sightin
That's how we show improve with the science
Move with the iron, supplyin shots, choppa like fire hydrants
And that was auto-pilot, with all kind of violence
Good put the strongest on a wider diet, try it Yes we discriminate, bitch made and I ain't impressed
I'll turn yo corn rolls to French breads and give you a dress
With a slip and some high heel pumps cuz niggas is punk
Holdin that Little John, tryna get shit crunk
This is juice, prove error with terror
Take of error with berettas
Leanin out of slammed doors, Carrera stop frontin
My niggas pull yo stuffin out the oven over nothing
Quick to have yo stove top jumpin, jaw jacker
Clack you like racist ass crackers
I ain't racist, I just hate lazy ass rappers
Crazy ass fashion, hat master hoodie that I'm splashin
Complement the bird that I'm smashin
Aloha, mahalos from the rallow foot soldier that will roast ya Squad up like a fresh pot of forgers, nigga hold up The sole controller on the lower with the cobras
Get yo little bumper car towed up, we are not doin it