Перевод песни Durag Dynasty – Yasir Arafat

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I wrote so many rhymes now I know I'm not sane
Life is similar to hell and I'm walking through the flames
I'm hot enough to melt the jail bars like wax
I get you burnt up cause I'm turned up to the max
What you need that? Like puttin' coal in the furnace
Tell your homies line up, I run beat-downs concurrent
This is hood shit, niggas catchin' cases just to eat
I ain't try'na see broke, I'm gettin' money like the main streets
But you know in the system I'm red flagged
Infra red on my ease that'll get you a toe tag
California love, dig dug, with a big slug
Nigga scared of death, tell his Mom he need's a big hug
I hug the blocks like a newborn baby
You owe me money, then you gon' pay me Carrying lead on these streets and get chapped
If my gun splak, catch a third strike
No get back
GC CREAM forever
The fire's lit, watch how we acquire shit
Speaking on environments when I invent
With scientists, masters of the flying fist
So never should you try to diss
Or even try to side on this while I exist
Hot damn, ho, here we go again
Got damn, yo, I just want my Ne-g-ros to win
Here we go again, killer coastal blend
Minerals of sin, co-defendants fold
Simply exposin' generals of men
Walls closin' in, lil' niggas is bangin' crip or blood
OGs is out the way or in the wind
Go 'head follow my scriptures
I'm in the lab with Al blowin' a spliff next to Prodigy's picture
Spittin' like I'm fresh out of the pinta
Thugged out, high off dope
Exotic, psychotic adventure
Just a supplement for y'all to understand what you fuckin' wit;
Niggas get bodied on that happy go lucky shit
Jackknife maneuvering
Shawshank Redemption of Jerusalem
My ultralight megawatts confusin' 'em
The all-knowing, hammer tucked by the groin
It's the brolic head-wrapped scholars with dollars overflowing
Curb-side courtesy, crack dealers of perjury
It's burglary, swagged out Fergies who love slurping me My Dynasty is Durag, too bad, you mad
? you trash, your literary's too fast
Cocky campaign, butterscotch Levi scene
Egyptian Musk dust, see my CREAM
Bag chickens off the energy
My killery pimpery run circles with the Alchemy
Deliver the chemistry
Durag rap, ratchet clap
Smash you with a bat
Laughin' at your raps
Smashin' on you cats
Spazzin' on you rats
Durag rap, the Dynasty is back
Yasir Arafat, countin' up my stacks
Where the paper at