Перевод песни Durag Dynasty – Durag Dynasty Theme

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What the fuck is with that durag on your head anyway?
Durag Dynasty Click, that's what it is That's what you get, that Durag Dynasty shit
Diamonds and clips, gorilla Strength
Militant Click, that's what you get
That Durag Dynasty shit
Yeah, yeah, uh Introduction
Let's get this bitch jumpin'
It's on again
The AK 47 emcee has just been born again
Live and direct, live on the set
Minds on the deck, lines on your neck
Nine or the tec, grind for them M's
Shine on them dim, light minded
Swine rappers swam but my click be water raftin'
With big machine guns automatically autographin' you
Cardiovascular smashin' you
No pictures for bad intentions to capture you
Melt through you show you what acid do Felt new, knew you was askin' for it that's bad
Catch me in Baghdad with Casios and classy hoes
Baggin' up that cash it's classical
Master money but natural
Durag Dynasty international
Shoot 'em up, who the fuck is gassin' you?
Dude is nuts, for hours could overpower you powderpuffs
Fuckin' wit' us? Must be sniffin' flour crust
Straight out the orphanage
Slang slick contortionist
Poisonous re incorporate
Fathered the less fortunate
Fightin' musical sorcerers
Sick sovereign psycho
Murder machine rifle
Sip Promethazine Lean leave you like Eiffel
Idol worship my viral verses
Spiral curses, improper etiquette
Predicate with a larger purpose
Move mountains, water the youth fountain
Open X files and kick truth like Malcolm
Sling powder like Talcum
Don't doubt him
We get the drop on you dudes and start re routin'
Rog' Troutman, Zapp you with the talkbox
Golf shots, go get 'em Tiger we'll leave you chalked out
So what you muhfuckers talkin' 'bout
Hold position
I'm 'bout to flow from the soul of ambition
But hold the scroll in the gold chain
Surgeon doctor physician
The proper uses, chooses
No truces, kidnap producers
With nooses, and roofless
My Confucius criminal stupors
Heavyweight, brain train harder than calisthenics
Smoke weedies like Michael Phelps and break records in rap olympics
Faster than a minute, longer than infinite
Somewhere in between demented or schizophrenic
So mental clinics beware
I weave dreams fallen from heaven's stare
Land on Elm Street and murder Freddy in his nightmare
It's a drive by, the neighborhood Sci-Fi
The elevated evasive verbal matrix hologram hi-fi
Blu-ray DVD, e=mc²
I'm eatin' rappers like I'm usin' my EBT
And bored ouija board, easy lord
Talk greasy like ya mama when she used to whip ya ass with extension cords
The fuck is with that durag on your head anyway?