Перевод песни Durag Dynasty – Goon Call

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
This is kung fu, ninjitsu, hard body
Karate Shotty, pop off, street party
We think on the streets, Alchemist on the beat
Emptied out clip then pistol whip, you with the heat
Yo I got biscuits out the oven, pippin hot huntin
Start something dog Desperado, torque torsion
All the ghetto noise spark destruction
And embark them ghetto boys
To bring hammer head towards touch em
Nails in the cross for the sins, the mighty cross
The greedy double cross for that murky bubble love
And how was I to know the county jail was show & tell?
You tell me your hustle, I'll show you where you failed
It was money first, no dishonor, live today, no tomorrow
Steal before you beg, clap with yo head before we bubble
Planking out on hunger pains, not eating they fun and games
DC in the bucket chain, these streets ain't fuckin playin
Life on the line when it's necessary
Went in the secondary, to the nature of God, the sanctuary
Hate to carry so much malice, method of madness
Bail and tell em no, rep for the turf, moment of silence man
Whoever said it's lonely at the top never hit the bottom
I ain't silver spooned, catch the niggas slippin got' em
Masonic art, PLR, extend sensors
Camouflage, hand grenades, M60's
Killa Sha, rest in peace, you're not forgotten
Les Watson, Raymond James, Michael Jackson
Brown water, kush purple, halal, bust downs
Gold kufis, has blocks, my crack touchdown
Amsterdam, convent 125th
Yea, Golden Gate, Crenshaw, Malcolm X
The pot will block MLK, we keep it shit lick
Bulletproof, CLK, 7 6's
Peace God, hallelujah, Merry Christmas
Let's build on all the stars and the planets, knowledge the distance
We got 4 billion, 400 million true and livings listening
The devil still Willie Lynch'n!
Ayo Sanskrit, sundown, supreme mathematics
Hollow tips dumped out, extreme biohazard
Money grant ministry, preach summers of misery
For mocking my delivery, hired killers from Italy
Soarin, drop em when the felt tip's drawn
Then it's cannons in yo grill, no affiliats to don, we the bomb
Itchin to blow, no, scratch that
Itchin for dough, the calamine is a fat stack payment
A product of the Reaganomic era gone crazy
Lookin at the man in the mirror, eyes hazy
Suicide samurai gamma ray
Plans gamified, thugs amplify the murder rate
Focus, the cadence of rhyme got you open
Like you just snort a line, I ain't lyin, we the dopest
Burial ground town, 200 thou down
Surround sound, crash loud, sick as a mad cow
We beefin, salmonella leakin out the speakers when I'm speakin
Read between the lines of the teacher