Перевод песни Durag Dynasty – Funyons

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Good gracious, greetings from outer spaces
Flash black, astrology gat
Splash haters holding cow off the meat rack style
It's salmonella pushin Lee back
Beat that collapse, heart failure, no defibrillators
Emulators imitate the innovators
Pen and paper, like they tryna peal simulators
Autobiographic, author of the classic
Rappin fire, rap designer, from a finer fabric,
That's Kinte, master of the paragraph, sensei
Fly when I'm handling the rock, MJ Off the wall in a vision, smooth criminal invention
Written with subliminal intentions
Set the landmark, land shark swimming in the shower
Dust yo man off, a peasant in the eyes of a pharaoh
Straight cocky, cockblock me, try and stop me
I'll turn yo top rhyming into vegetable, broccoli
We get it off like swollen packs, no relaxing for the team
Quarterbacking, never had to dirty mack for hoes attraction
Slow flow, dancing on a coast to coast
Cancer on em, songs so gully that you can't perform em For that's torture, for less fortune
Collect portions, respect the bosses, cautious
Ah shit, they shouldn't have partner loose
From the kind of crew that turned niggas to Jaba juice
M16's Colorado boots, a pile of loo
Me and my killers did it for the galalu
What a stylish ville, scupping the pile of shoe
For the low to kaliko could turn your salad soup
This town is new, the parrots in this palace flew
The terrorist group ever since his parents was through
True, that's why the seeds carry tools
This is for every goon who's disrespectful and very rude
Full hood massacre, psychiatric panic right to 911 passengers
With box colors, slash me up Pandemic with pistols, up stand me and crystal
In Afghanistan torture taliban to the grizzle
Tumultuous, explosives less, gun butter, the both spin us Muscle spank you again, damn you getting too old for this
Your brain bother me, need a lyric lobotomy
Actin tough as nails but you frails the economy
Conflict is budu, barbaric barrage
On a futile sabotage like Mahmoud Amajad
You's a fraud, you delicate decibel data drones
I shatter your speaker box like James Earl Jones
With suitable cremations of funerals
Irrefutable, cranium crucible, burn your body parts to the cuticals
Suitable, musical, medical, pharmaceutical marijuana
This murder and mayhem basically beautiful
This crisis, the valedictorian, fuck the porium
The nicest, verbal is silly, yea read devices
Strike suddenly, systematic and utterly
Watch you die slow is the economic recovery