Перевод песни Belle & Sebastian – Chalet Lines

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He raped me in the chalet lines
The girl I shared with was away for the night
I couldn’t get up for my shift today
I’ll have to leave the camp now anyway
I’ll go to London there’s a mate of mine I know
She’ll give me a place
Full of woe and further to go
He raped me in the chalet lines
I had just said no for the final time
Although it’s last month it’s like yesterday
I missed my time, I don’t think I could stand
To take the test, I’m feeling sick
Fuck this, I’ve felt like this for a week
I’d put a knife right into his eyes
My friend can’t see
She asks me why I don’t
Tell the law
Oh, what’s the fucking point at all
He raped me in the chalet lines
It was a party, it was going fine
With the boys from the amusement park
A few were idiots, they were a really good laugh
They had the shows on till way after dark
I hope she’ll give me a place
Full of woe and further to go
(She caught the bus)
«Oh, I’ll go anywhere»
(She caught the bus)
Her face was just a smear on the pane