Перевод песни Neverending White Lights – The Waltz

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Grey skies awake, fear open my heart today
And we might align, for all of this ends in time
And she relies on borrowed time to find a way to me
In the sky, in quarter time, is all I'll ever be
Even though you oughta know it's all the same
And I'm sure at once but now I find that
I was blind, never mind, never mind
In the sky, all the time, there's a holy war in me
Well I do try, and I do try
Always turning back
All the ways that I'm afraid
She's the one that I showed because it made her cry
But I, I was blind, never mind, never mind
The season's over, the season's over
The season's over
Soon love, you are mine, all of mine, all the time, all the time