Перевод песни Darden Smith – Clatter and Roll

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Where the concrete meets the railroad tracks
The cinders touch the ties
Train screams loud and hurts your ears
And the smoke stings your eyes
That's where you can find me
Most every night and day
Watchin' those trains clatter and roll
Fourth and congress ain't a pretty part of town
Lots of low counts hangin' around
Drinkin' outta paper bags
Actin' the clown
Laughin' off the time of day
Watchin' people just goin' about their way
Now I live down there in a third floor flat
Enough room for me and my brown striped cat
All my friends are quite convinced that
I've surely lost my mind
I just like livin' close to the line
If I was to count all of the times
I ate at two-bit diners
Count all of the bums they called me liner
They'd equal the time I slept with two-timers
Woke up feelin' alone
Listin' to that cold wind moan
Watchin' those trains clatter and roll
Watchin' those big trains clatter and roll
All roll, all roll