Перевод песни Kitty Kallen – Only Forever

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I Done Cosigned To Get Bitched Slapped
We Can Always Get It Crackin' Like Lips Chapped
4 O Spittin' Shells Aimin' At Ya Scalp
Have Ya Shit Peelin' Back Like Craddle Cap
Why You All In My Ass Like A Mother Fuckin' Thong
In Ya Feelings Cause Yo Nigga Probably Gave Me Dome
Ill Catch Yo Ass Slippin'
Do Yo Ass Wrong
Have You Sellin Fish Plates Just To Buy A Headstone
Livin' In The Projects I Got It On My Own
And The Only Bill You Pay Is The Mother Fuckin' Phone
Ion Really Pop Shit Ion Go Hard
Have Ya Family Cryin' Sendin' Get Well Cards
And These Bitches Just Talking I Never Play Pussy
Never Ever Been A Gynecologist
But We'll Come Through Ya Lil Spot Staight Put A Hoe To Sleep Like A Anesthesiologist
These Niggas Straight Bitches Called These Niggas Queens
Got His Thighs Crossed Tight Dick Tuck In Between
Shake That Ass Make It Clap, No Tambourine
Something Fishy Bout These Niggas, These Niggas Sardines
And These Bitches Be Like, Bitches Be Like
Something Aint Right She Paying For These Likes
And These Bitches Be Like, Smash On Sight
But Ima Beat Her Ass First Like Tina Did Ike
I Aint Never Gave A Fuck My Bitches Stay Ready
My Shooters Go Dumb Call Em' Ed Edd Eddy
Cut Niggas Off
Cut Bitches Up Make Niggas Cut Checks Like I Keep A Damn Machete
No Competition With These Hoes You A Misfit
These Hoes Mini Karamel No Slick Diss
I Assassinate Beats Like The Beats On My Hit List
I Ride Ya Nigga Face Put Yo Nigga On My Lick List
Raise Every Bottle And Cup In The Sky
Sparks In The Air Like The Fourth Of July
Nothing But Bad Bitches In Here Tonight
Oh If You Lame And You Know It Be Quiet
Nothing But Real Niggas Only, Bad Bitches Only, Rich Niggas Only,
Independent Bitches Only