Перевод песни Johnny Cash – Loading Coal

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My pappy said when I was seventeen you're six feet tall and your face is clean
And it don't look right for a boy that old to not make a livin'loadin'coal
Loadin'coal loadin'coal I'm a double first cousin to a dad blamed mole
Never get rich for to save my soul and forty 'leven years a loadin'coal
Ain't never got acquainted with a dollar bill and I don't ever reckon that I ever will
A dollar ain't made for a fellar I'm told that scoops up a livin'loadin'coal
Loadin'coal loadin'coal...
I cussed everything in the mining camp from a shovel and my pick to my carbide
But I know mighty well till I grow old I'll still be a cussin'but loadin'coal
Loadin'coal loadin'coal...
I know just as well as coal is black one of these days the mines were strike
And I'll sit around starvin'till I'm finally told
There's a nickel more a ton for loadin'coal
Loadin'coal loadin'coal...