Перевод песни Doris Day – Crying My Heart Out For You

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All my dreams are over, now I'm wide awake
With a lonesome feeling and a constant ache
Livin' with my memories just for old times sake
Crying my heart out for you
Hope you'll be more tender in your next affair
Trust you'll think of me dear, when you've time to spare
Praying you'll be happy is my only prayer
Crying my heart out for you
Your heart may ache you, friends may forsake you
Sometimes it happens that way
But I'm still for you, always adore you
I love you, I love you what more can I say
I was just a scholar, made for you to teach
Searching for a true love, one I couldn't reach
Now I'm just a pebble on a lonely beach
Crying my heart out for you