Перевод песни Ella Fitzgerald – Once Too Often

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Once too often
I'll get the go-by once too often
I'm gettin' mighty sick and tired
Of totin' a torch for you.
So just be careful brother,
I too, can find another,
remember, anything that you do,
I can do too.
Once too often
you're gonna slip up once too often
And then you'll have to change your tune
And sing in a different key
That line that you've been usin'
Will cease to be amusin'
It's gonna boomarang
When you come looking for me.
Say, you're a wizard when it comes to cryin'
A master in the art of «alibi-ing»
Go on and do your tall and fancy lyin', baby,
But! You will say you're sorry
Once too often
You're gonna weep but
I won't soften
You're gonna whimper like a pup
The day I catch up with you
Step out, go on and show off.
Some night, the lid will blow off
You're gonna give my heart the business
Once too often!