Перевод песни The Purple Gang – Made Man

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Money, a handgun, a price on your head
A phone call, a contract, soon you'll be dead
I'm a made man with contract in hand
You thought a jail cell was for a snitch
A deep six for a son of a bitch
I'm a made man and your future has been planned
I'll send flowers to your wife
I'll tell your kids it'll be alright
You wore a wire, they played the tapes at your federal case
A stool pigeon on the stand with a witness protection plan
Begging, pleading, we were childhood friends
Ice pick, now you're bleeding, you were yellow to the end
At your funeral, there were tears, your mother broke down
The boys all bought a wreath, at the bar I bought a round
I'm a made man (Naturally the job was his to complete)
I'm a made man (And he did what they do to rats)
I'm a made man (Trouble in paradise, betrayal)
I'm a made man