Перевод песни Carl Smith – This Orchid Means Goodbye

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Verse 1:
To-(C)night I (G7)send an (C)orchid
And though I'll al-ways (F)care
This orchid means good-(C)bye to you
And to our love af-(G7)fair
It's (C)just my way to tell you
And I hope that you want (F)cry
But I be-long to (C)some-one else
This (G7)orchid means good-(C)bye
Verse 2:
(C)When you (G7)said that you (C)lov-ed me I knew it wouldn't (F)do
Cause I'm in love with (C)some-one else
I guess I love you (G7)too
But I'm (C)marri-ed to a-nother
What chance of you and (F)I
So I just send an (C)orchid, dear
This (G7)orchid, means good-(C)bye
Verse 3:
(C)Our love (G7)might have been (C)dif-fer-ent
But I made sa-cred (F)vows
And I can't ever (C)break the heart
That I hold with mine, (G7)now
So (C)please for-get the past dear
As time goes pass-ing (F)by
Cause we can't ever (C)love a-gain
This (G7)orchid means good-(C)bye