Перевод песни Timi Yuro – What's a Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You)

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I know the reason youve been crying
Oh yes I heard she wont be needing you
How does it feel being the one left behind
What's a matter baby is it hurting you
I know you found out she's been cheating
And I heard she even told you she was untrue
How does it feel being on the outside looking in What's a matter baby is it hurting you
Remember when I needed you so bad
Remember what you had to say
You told me to find another shoulder to cry on Then you laughed
You laughed and you walked away
I know that youve been asking about me And I'm sorry but I've got somebody new
Now my hurting is just about over
But baby it's just starting for you!
Fade with comments like what's a matter baby and
Do you remember how you hurt me, child