Перевод песни Raven X – Soul Suicide

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Come save my
Sickened soul
Take away my pain
Wicked temptation
Caving in
Tell the chosen one
He's met his match
I call to you
Rise from below
Change my fate
Change me
Evil temptation
Comforts me
The last days
With my soul
Taken from me
Fallen out of touch
Fallen away from you
I call to you
To make the deal
Feel the end of days
The enigma is real
Soul Suicide
Feel the abyss
Eat at my flesh
Feel the death of me
Feelings of being alone
Darkness blinds me
Can't save myself
In too deep
Hell awaits me
Torture and pain
Feel the heat
Feel the fire
Feel your soul
Pull at you
Fallen angel
Wings are torn
Spirit is worn
King of lies
Evil deception
Tortured minds
Tortured souls
Shadows and light
Dark depression
Misty perception
Eyes sewn shut
To this gift called life
Darkness devours me
Life is over
The morning star
Laughing at me
Twisting my soul
Ripping it out of me
See my empty shell
Nothing left of me
No more fucking pain
No fucking hell
No nothing at all
Soul Suicide