Перевод песни Raven X – Poet

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Since when is it about pretty faces
Bringing you to bigger places
What the fuck?
Media is a cancer
Eats your heart
Rotten soul
Words of wisdom
Deep feelings of respect
Speak — Real — Words
Past and present
Two separate identities
Lost in a green maze
Where's your heart
Where's your mind
Sign your name on
the dotted line
Put your doll clothes on
For all to see
See this doll break — down
False advertisement
How proud can you be
Losing your real identity
Oh — Master of words
No time for fantasy
No time for fraud — Feel my
hate — Hate for what I see
This is what you stand for
Suffer the consequences
I hope you can stomach
What looks back at you
This empty shell
Plagued by green evil
Where's your heart
Where's your mind
Lose your soul on the dotted line
Poet — Brand your words
Poet — See the porcelain break
A shattered shell on the false
outside — Hang your head
Write your rhymes
Hang your doll
Hang your head
Write your rhymes
Hang your doll
Tainted talent
Look at you now
False idol
Greed led you
Put you on this pedestal
Now — To watch you fall
Where's your heart
Where's your mind
Signed and sealed on the dotted line
I feel it changing
Metamorphosis blossoming all
Around me
Like a flower
See it's beauty
Then see it start to sour
Dried up and brittle
Shifting slowly — Dying — Aging
Withering away
You thought the beauty would never die
What a lie
What a lie
What a fake fucking lie
Innocence is lost
By the foul hand
Whose decision was it
To make you a God?
A child of hate
As my watchful eye
Sees the disaster called life
I am powerless against time
i have no energy
I have no patience
I have nothing but hate