Перевод песни Raven X – Immortal Beloved

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I felt you before you seen me
An erotic mystery
I need you to see me
Total commitment from me
An obsessive desire
An erotic love
Planted deep within me
You showed me your interest
You can't break this
Twisted emotions
Feeling alone
Suffocated by this love
You'll never leave me
We're eternity
You're a part of me
I feel you
You're always there
You existed
For me
Suffer for me
The darkness blinds you
Feelings grow cold
Decaying and rotting
Death awaits you
Twisted emotions
Feeling alone
Suffocated by my love
Six feet under
Rotting flesh
Rotting love
Life is over for me
Life is over for you
Blood on my hands
You can't leave
I ended your pain
Stopped your suffering
I'm the last one you will see
See me