Перевод песни Raven X – Blood of a Bitch

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You, Which face is looking back at me?
What lost mentality
Selfish fucking bitch
Feel the wrath
See your blood spill
Everyday my anger motivates me
Grows stronger
With each fucked up thing you say
Blood of a bitch
Blood of a bitch
Telling lies
False promises
Feel the pain
See your face split
Across my fist
Taste the blood
Blood in your eyes
You can't see me
This nightmare becomes
Your reality
You run your mouth
Well actions speak louder than words
Here I come bitch
Your days are numbered
For all the wasted time
For all the wasted breath
For all the wasted scars
You'll pay
You'll fucking pay
Fuck you and your simple existence
What draws the line
Between sickness and sadness
Blood of a bitch
Blood of a bitch
With a death wish
Fuck you
Fuck you!