Перевод песни Ces Cru feat. Liz Suwandi – Smoke

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Take off your blind fold
Tell me what you see
Interchanging doors
Not a corridor of a screen
Your naked eyes
Trapped inside a dream
Unveil your disguise
Because nothing's what it seems
You can tell me what you want
You can tell me what you need
We're lovers in the smoke
And we can't even breathe
And I cannot see you
And you cannot see me We're lovers in the smoke
And we can't even breathe
You take everything you want, you take what you need
And me shattered into pieces is what you leave
It don't matter what they see, no it just can't be Now our love is in the smoke, and I just can't breathe
You got me gasping, not knowing what happened
Sapping all my energy, it's sexual harassment
You see I'll never be the same now that we got close
Now my passion is for pain and I breathe hot smoke
Your love is like a drug, I wanna taste it So slip it in my blood, I'm gonna take it Addicted to your buzz, I'm wishin' that you was mine
Sitting in your sunshine's so amazing
I'm baskin' in the light casting through the haze
Maybe we were meant to be, maybe not, who could say
Now I look for you again, but I still can't see
Cuz our love is in the smoke, baby we can't breathe
I smell the smoke in the room, the rumors are buzzing
She told me that the roof was on fire, I knew it wasn't
Now the spot is heating up, getting hotter under the collar
Let this motherfucker burn, shit we don't need any water
We can teeter and totter but you don't need to be coddled
I'm headed down this road alone, I don't want you to follow
I'm sittin' in the sun alone, posted up in Strangeland
Sippin' KC teas, bumpin' Kelvin, rocking Ray Bans
Bitches think it's all about the pussy and a spray tan
To each his own, if that completes your cypher, fuck it, Amen
It's hot as hell out here, maybe degrees over
She feels like she got burned, maybe she needs closure
It feels like the pilot light is out in this bitch
I'm still in the kitchen, like «Really this is as hot as it gets?»
I'm starin' through the smoke, tryin' to catch a last vision of her
The smoke's rollin' upward while the flame's bein' smothered