Перевод песни Hawk – Check Yo Self

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When you was broke, you was in my face crying for help
Now you got a little change, and you smelling yourself
When will you learn that friendship, is better than wealth
You need to realize, and check yourself
Friends turn foes, niggas turn hoes and no one knows
The cons and pros, of how this game goes
I was told, the world is cold and I'm getting old
And I also have a son to mold
I was there for you, always took care of you
I grinded for two, and that's how I fit your groove
I bust for you, put all my trust all you
And what you do, turn your back on your whole crew
I shoulda knew, you changed when you hit that lick
You own a brick, and now you thinking you the shit
I must admit, them cats that you fucking with
They out to get, and you the flunky that they pit
You copped a Benz, S Class with blue lens
Got money to spend, also got money to lend
From boys to men, you were my next of kin
The best of friends, when you didn't have no ends
Now thangs done changed, you done knocked off a Range
And made a little change, but you ain't on your game
Your name starting to rain, your spot's off the chain
The block is in flames, you hotter than Lil' Wayne
I hear you snorting cain, got niggas sporting your chain
They feel you so lame, they stole your pinky ring
They winning on your stains, you ain't on your game
Now you feeling the pain, and you're the one to blame
The laws looking for you, they questioned your crew
They questioned your boo, now they coming for you
They kicked in your do', and found all your snow
Your boys set you up, like Johnny Depp in Blow
You got nowhere to go, your cash flow is low
Guess who you looking fo', you at my front do'
Now that goes to show, when you get a little dough
Don't burn your bridges, and start acting like a hoe
Now you needing me, begging and pleading me Them fake tears ain't deceiving me But I'm real, so here's a fee, the key to the V So you best to hurry up, and flee
Its sad that you couldn't see, that you and me Were destiny, till we D-I-E
The P-O-L-I-C-E, they watching me Cause they know how tight, we use to be They got you for conspiracy
I tried to tell you, but your ass wasn't feeling me You was blind but now you see, the face of the judge
And he won't budge, and giving you the third degree
You begging please, in the courtroom looking at me But too bad G, I'm not the jury
You headed to jail, your life is a living hell
No money for bail, oh weeeell