Перевод песни Vanna – The Lost Art of Staying Alive

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White light, white heat, and I burnt out
Turning into myself, turned into my self doubt
Never thought I'd reach a soul
Or have a say or a voice of my own
It all seems so hard
We but we've come so far
Don't look where we were
Just look where we are
It took leaving my home
And wondering on my own
For me to see that my feet had no place on the ground
Look to the sky, wipe dust from my eyes
I'm alive
I'm alive
I'm alive
I'm alive
Just try to stay alive
I've buried you all inside
All those forgotten notes
Cause all you had was hope
The one thing that cuts ties, loosens the rope
I know you're hurt, I know it's hard, but know who's there Same shit, same life,
With our backs to the wall
There's not chance we can fall
Climb up, climb out, destroy it all
Just try to stay alive
Live, breathe, suffer, bleed, wake up, survive