Перевод песни DJ Screw – My Mind Went Blank

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South Park
Said I'm 'bout to lose my mind
Every time I wake up, I give the swisha sweet a hit
Sometimes I feel I just can't survive without that lick
Hustlers use my beeper for unnecessary dealings
So when we work we die from killers work be killing
Punk mother-fakers take the pranksta for a joke
So how you gon' play a South Park og full of smoke, fool
I'm a head banger, ex banger, and when you enter
The South Park chamber, you in danger
Beware of him who, walk behind the corn
Cause my brain was designed in my frame before I was ever born
And you was right, when you said I had a head with no screws
But it was tight, when I stopped facing them hip hop blues (boom)
How you gon' say I can't play with the big boys
And all the big boys play with all my Tonka toys
You better flip the script and get with this
And if that buddha don't do ya, then go dippin' (yeah)
Take a walk through this jungle
And you can follow me all the way to Chi, if you want to But you ain't know me 'til I got bank
So that explains, when you approach me My mind went blank
It's hard to think, when my mind goes blank
You just can't think when your mind goes blank
In this game, hangin' with my crew
Robbing everybody, hell, I might've robbed you
Taking care of mines, keepin' my homeys tight
Sharing what was mines, cause I ain't no jealous type
But still I get hype, and fight back when you back stab
I'll grab you straight by the neck and DDT you to the slab
Now here you go, you got me all physical
Now I'm in court, trying to tell the judge that I'm a lyrical
Freight train, gotta maintain game in this free world
Life is change, niggas stay the same but I'll make your head twirl
You really don't know me, your honor
To make a story short, in the end I'm a goner
You move you lose in the game homey and I'm searching for my come up Life's a melting pot, don't move Point Blank won't put his gun up Outsiders try to read me but they don't know me Point Blank, label my lifestyle «OG»
Cook County, Chicago and Houston
South Park the clan, I'm boostin'
To be frank, let me hit the dank before you take me to the tank
Allah I thank
My mind went blank
I'm gonna briggity, briggity break it on down
To the noise
So best believe I'm a clown
On this hella fire track that hooked up I came in and dropped the vocals and did a cut
Now we gon' freak it the way it's supposed to be freaked
So when I speak don't be afraid to say that other track weak
Over in the streets I hear fiends like, «Point Blank a trick»
The same mouth it came out, the same mouth that I hit
Oh, did I tell you? How I knock jaws in the dirt
I let him player hate in my face and then I hit em' where it hurts
Yeah you, damn fool spread my business through the hood
And I'm here to let you know that it ain't all good
You came to the hospital to cheer a brotha up Soon as you left, went through the hood and tried to tear my name up But I'm finna set it straight, that other day
What really went on, I tried to kill myself fool
So to me wasn't nothing wrong
So next time you wanna be a Howard Cosell
Go run and tell the hood how my brother
Finished up your girl, aight then
On the I'm laughing all the way to the bank
This grudge is forever, forgive never
My mind went blank