Перевод песни Eyeconoclast – Invoking Carnage (Racing Blind)

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Fueled by hate, at 666 octanes
We are ready for retribution !
In a glorious, highspeed ride
We laugh drenched in gore
We speed up, they implore !
Accelerate, they can't escape
— From our justice they can't see us coming —
It's a deathrace, an easy chase...
— We are coming over —
Our wheels are buzz saws
You impostors: our road
Invoking carnage, racing blind !!!
A thundering laugh shuts your cries
You can't escape, we are faster than fast
We're drunk of your blood and you are not made to outlast !!!
Flames and bullets from my exhausts
Hitting minds with machine-gun
Rapid fire with my hate
In this massacre with lust
We are the infamous death speed squad
We are here to dictate the law of headbang !
In a glorious highspeed ride
Our pride stays unbowed
We speed up, they implode
Yeah, yeah, nice try !
You're not worth a dime
— It's our justice, you won't see us coming —
You're a disgrace
You have been outraced
— We are coming over —
We'll rip (your) skull and spine
And make you headband until night