Перевод песни Eyeconoclast – Rise of the Orgamechanism

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Entangled in the dream-web of the real-world delusion
Reprogrammed, I react in compulsion
Executing erratic codes
Nanoribonucleic acid is injected in my genetic waste
(I feel a death spasm)
Swarming nanodroids assaulting my mind
With methodical practice, to stabilize the unborn race
My brain's cortex is invaded of energy signals
Divinity is at hand, but I just choose the end
Pray for god
The machine is released
Pray for god
From my womb, I'm diseased
Hailing the dawn of biomechanical co-evolution
It feasts on my flesh, in darkness I repent
Disembowled to feed the unmerciful one!!!
The newborn lifeform rises
Fierce as a tombstone for humankind
A never dormant orgamechanism aimed to unleash despair and death!
Perfect, hostile, infecting
I bear the crown of this putrid world
Only worms survived
I am the monarch of nothing!
I bear the crown, the crown of guilt!