Перевод песни Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Deep

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All right now
Baby time is awesome i'ma change my hustle to white now
And a couple of my hustle for shows
But i suppose they wanna let the pipe now
Say the straight don't bout to grind
See i suppose this. got a heart track been the.
You were kept the curtain .let the birch sniff and get burn
Still twenty hundred for that ... don't snitch, don't chill
Rap nigga they. nigga don't kneel
Say mothaf*cka that he ain't even got money for his own bill
Let's go deep inside guns on
We can f*ck .you can buy me
in the hood nigga you got those
nigga i just wash the. the streets. i forgot those
homie got me.
Deep inside the guns on where i go
.better keep it G on. to Chicago
But a real nigga is dead and locked up
See .pretty face and knocked up
And young niggas. I ain't other choice I'm washed up
Living on the air. that look street.
Said the price and we payin
The nigga. whip the change
Probably nigga wasn't with the change
.in the middle of the ocean.
Mother f*cking name .my f*cking culture.
Reality is sad but is true so i can't .people don't suppose
F*ck you. tryin ...
Get smoke
I'ma tell you to a place mother f*cker. by nature
Nigga tryin jump up the.
Where i be. if you behind
Deep inside the guns on where i go