Перевод песни Jae Millz – Get On My Level

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Throw that bullshit away, real talk
Light it, YMCMB
We Coast 2 Coast with this shit
Yaoo yaoo
It's the purple kush rolling
OG Purple, Sour Diesel, Blue Dreamer, shoutout to my true steamers (light it up)
Light it up, fuck them lames I'm high as fuck
Thinking about trying me, don't try your luck
If so, you might as well try on a tux
I rep that 212, money making to be exact
Westside of Harlem, soutside of Lenox Avenue
Uptown nigga, I'm an up town nigga
Silver, silver phone, up town niggas
Fuck your life, boy you're smoking on that trash shit
I burn down good weed, with a bad bitch
Georgetown, royal snapback, bitch
To the back bitch, I'm a legend like Patrick
Yeah you in
Last night I was in V.I.P in that same club they refused to let you in
Jae Millz, do your research I'm global
These juice ass niggas local
Mad because I'm out here stacking racks, of raps
And got him stuck with that back
And he late with that rent and already a month back
Meanwhile I'm on Twitter tweeting about how I'm in Saxx
Fly boy, Harlem NY boy
Put you in the sky, boy
Like the pent house of a fucking high rise boy
Matter of fact the roof of it
Getting money and killing shit, my crew does it (us)
Five letters: YMCMB (us)
Here goes five more: ON TOP
Get on my level, get on my level
Ronald Reagan on my wrist, that's a presidential Bissell
Get on my level (little nigga)
Get on my level (light it)
Smoke something bitch
Live with this shit
Coast 2 Coast with this shit
Going off that potting