Перевод песни French Montana, Juicy J & Project Pat – Is You Kiddin' Me

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Smokin weed, poppin pills, sippin sirup
Drinkin hen, f*ckin bitches, chasin money
Till the mutherf*ckin end, baby
It doens't even matter, all the money
In the cars man, it doesn't even matter, baby
Imma ride fo this bitch, till I Die of In this bitch
On the hump, for the money, open eyes
Out this bitch
Is you a friend of me? Is you a enemy?
Is you purpotratin, is you kiddin me?
Gettin bottles, sippin ??? get this money
Is you with me when they clapin
Don't be runnin
All my partners smokin weed, poppin pills
Sippin sirup, drinkin hen, fuckin bitches
Gettin money till the mutherf*ckin end
Can't be real in tha game full of suckers
When the Masee rollin up, all the bitches
Wann f*ck us. Stop Bluffin!
Now I know you n*ggas real well
Shoot you in/and you still tell
Bout to get my n*gga on tha pill'ber
Man you gon seen dat shit real, when the ??? come out
These rap n*ggas poppin pills and they homo come out
Is that cocaine juice, pap-blues, stacks, brown-paper bag
Got the dealer, tell that nigga
Throw the roof back