Перевод песни Rocko – 4 A Living

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Yeah, nigga, 50 cities in 40 days, yadada mean? You know what I mean?
I'm on my job. While you're taking days off, I'm taking off, man
You know, I'm on a jet, I'm working, man. You know, this is what I do You know me While you sleep, I'm on my job, 'cuz I do this for a living
Live on the jet, stay taking off, 'cuz I do this for a living
Been getting money since, I do this for a living
Everything I touch, I make a killing, nigga, I do this for a living
I dream about it, woke up, did it, now I do this for a living
They talk about it but they ain't live it, man, I do this for a living
She say she love my videos, I do this for a living
TCP take care of that business, no? I do this for a living
I'm multifaceted (What that mean?) I'm a genius
We poppin' wheelies on 'em, they ain't seein' us Come out the VIP door in the arenas
, I'm doing numbers
Everywhere I go they love me, they say I'm cool as shit
Fly as a jet but down to earth, I just be coolin' it Humble individual, raised up with principles
Kick it with the interests, I put up all the principles
, I got it lowered
Threw away the rear-view, got to move forward
Bread, bread, I love that bread, I'm going toward it Eat, eat, till we obese, bring me some more of it
I took a chance to get it, I gambled, I chased a dream
I still can't believe it, this shit wasn't guaranteed
Fuck no, I ain't no pessimist, I'm an optimist
Shit a risky business, every day I thank God for this
Overgrind, I can't sleep, I got insomnia
Lip-readers ear hustling, they want the formula
Five eight, charismatic, very athletic
Never did a push up boy, but good genetics
Runnin' laps around these suckers, gotta get your cardio
Poker face, I'm all-in, gotta have heart, you know?
Triathlon nigga, swim, riding bikes, or run
Some might do very well... but I'm the Don