Перевод песни Kurupt – I'm Burnt

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I'm burnt. Everybody sayin' I'm burnt
Nigga you should see when I'm turnt
Homie I'm burnt, burnt, burnt the fuck out
Ya'll ready know what I'm ‘bout
You know why I'm burnt, cuz I got that fire
Fuck you know why I'm burnt, cuz I got that fire
You know why I'm burnt, cuz I got that fire
And the whole god damn world keep tellin' me that I'm burnt
I'm coming in and am getting it like what it do
Me, Daz, Terasflop, Problem, Snoop
System bumping, nothing coming through, put two
Cuz the hoes lil close, somthin' to do (to do)
So many ways to do, see mees coming turnt out, burnt out in two
Gangster shit with the nina way at least, the grand
Daz by my side, he the close in hand (What Up)
That's Com-town-pee, elected Compton official foreign MC
Gang bang cruise on, get my mobile goose on, ‘peals in great gruthon,
luthon eight
Wait, of, off, high, this is how we do it every time we roll by
Alcoholic, toxigenic, tonic, apple vodka, go shove it on Obama, off Obama,
and now I'm burnt
It's Eazy like E when you coupe so roofless, no time for haters,
I just hit them with the deuces
I see hoes there, what up with introducing, cuz all ya'll tight,
I'm just looking for the loosest
Meet me on Sunday, everybody Tuesday, meet your friend Wednesday,
everybody Thursday
Find out Friday they both get pissed, Saturday with me up, then I'ma get
There's one hit of this, got you going like Trish, strap a seatbelt when you're
riding on this
I'ma fuck your head up, first lick your own damn, gotta Beat It, real Bad,
now Mike's looking down
Word's all out that I'm burnt, thirsty tonight, so the pussy I slurp
Yo' man ain't home, I don't need to get lurk, cuz ima soda pop that till
mofucka squirt. You dig?
You can smell marijuana on me, take out a gas-on roll it on E. One more sipper,
hit and I'm gone, ain't no telling no shit that I'm on. You can smell
marijuana on me, ain't gotta gas so I'm rollin on E. One more sipper,
hit and I'm gone. Now I need someone to take home