Перевод песни Aeon – Nothing Left to Destroy

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I am the one you love the one you love to hate I am your path to misery
I destroy your life I erase your dreams to satisfy my personal needs
I will deceive you I will mislead you, to make you weak for me to take
Down without bleeding, burned without fire your soul is now for me to take
Dream crusher, I absorb all your dreams
Dream crusher, the end of your dreams
All your visions dead and my hunger fed nothing more for me to take
I showed you paradise bloodbath in paradise a passage to your suicide
Take the gun in front of you do it as I want you to put the fucking gun into
your mouth
Pull the trigger pull the trigger pull the trigger do it now
Pain I am pain
Pain I am Pain I am pain
Pain I am You are so worn a walking dead forever there's nothing left to destroy
A dying soul one last tear you shed you are nothing left to destroy