Перевод песни Urban Nomad – Between Two Worlds

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Well, if you don't feel free, don't blame it on me
You say there are good reason to be angry,
and on that we agree
I see you're on the attack
because you've got all the facts,
and now you just can't relax
But pushing information on everyone
just futhers allienation
So the weight of the world rest all on your aboulders
It's a borden that you've chosen to bear,
as your blod runs colder
Don't forget that the plane of those with
greedy hands always spoil in the end
And as you start so obsess it's awfolly hard to regress
back to a peaceful mindset
So you are well aware of corruption and injustice
But your own relentless imposition
you don't seem to notice
Well, I understand that you may have a plan,
and I say do whatever you can
But all the doom preachers
and the narrow-minded teachers have
mimed the mark again
It's enough for me to have my head in the clouds
and my feet back on the groud
I won't gratify you in all of your rage
One day you'll see that you were waiting your days
I've been down that road a long time ago
Now the crow that I bear, I carry alone
Don't you see, I've already know all about this
And I've heard enough
What good could come from showing about it
I've heard it all
It's very clear that things aren't right
Lay down your arms
There's no way to win this fight