Перевод песни Urban Nomad – Falling into Blue

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I recall climbing up to the highest heights
But I was teetering on the brink
I thought prevailing winds might ground me
But I never would've thought that I could sink
As low as I have been what really hurts is the shape I'm in after all this time
I can't find no peace of mind
You see I've been to the Valley of the Moon
And the Island of the Sun
And upon my return, in spite of all I learned
That magic would soon be dead and gone
I can't say with certainty, given a chance, I'd do things differently
But those days are gone, and now I'm not so strong
Blown wide open and left to gather faded jewels
Perhaps I once knew the way, but now I'm a jaded fool
And sometimes it seems as if I'm in way over my head
But if I swim for the surface, I'll be landlocked instead
If my soul were a temple the wouldn't sing any tune
The hymnals are outdated and dusty, and the organ pipes are rusty too
The man on the pulpit is speechless as his well of wisdom's run dry
The congregation threw all they own into the well
And now they're all questioning why
Sometimes it seems as if I'm in way over my head
And just how hard I think determines how far I sink
And when I faintly recall another time
When I felt truly fine, I nearly lose my mind