Перевод песни Urban Nomad – Living in Exile i. A Young Winter

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
A fog has outsled in my head
It feels ready to burst
I waste hours giving into dread
Anticipating the worst
My demmons have all been well fed
Leaving me fanished, I thirst
Seeking stability whatever I'm low
Exposing fragility wherever I go Ghost in the mist, how do I resist
meeting your fate before it's too late
Specture sansering down the street
Minds in spliters, focused in words, eyes on feet
Phantons wander off the path
Dreams long forgeten boge's gone rotten
No way back
Specters — wrackes in parsing with faces so long
I few did life begin going so wrong
Phantoms — tell me why your tomorrows are filled with sorrow
Before they arrive
Living your lives without the hope of sunrise
Sliped through the cracks, fallen flat on your backs
Your skies have been painted forever clack
I've seen the sun, there's no need to run
Set your eyes on the horizon