Перевод песни Tinchy Stryder – Shake Me

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Because I Need Someone To Shake Me It Feels Like I’m In A Dream
A Dreaaaaam! Ohh I Hope That You Don’t Wake Me Just Let Me Sleep
Don’t Wake Me This Dream Is Crazy I’m Going In Don’t Save Me
When Will The Movie End When Does Real Life Begin Cause I’m All Over Again
Superstar Ways I’m Moving In
I’m Forcin' In I’m Cruizin' In Mad The Place We’re Breakin' In It’s Great The
Way Their Treatin' Him
So I Soak It Up Take It In Naw Man It Can’t Be Right Why Cause It’s Go’s
Everywhere Get Picked Up And Drove Everywhere
Naw Man It Can’t Be Life I’m a Star And I’m Shinin' Bright And I Saw The
Darkest Night True Stories Yeah No Lies
They Were In The Dark I Showed Them Light
The Heights Don’t Stop The Nights Don’t End It Feels I’m Real I Won’t Pretend
When Will My Eyes Start Opening
It’s Like A Dream I’m Floatin' In Headlight Shows Can Light My Goal I’m a Star
In The Hood T-Shirt It Glows
Hear Myself On Daytime Shows I Get Excitied Listenin' Hectic Life Start I’m
Leadin' But I Can Complain
Naw Even Tell Em Don’t Stop Filming Director Keep It Rolling Cause I Went From
A Extra To Mr. Star Good Luck Who’s Next Up
And I Gave Em A Tester And Yet So Far I’m Savin' The Best Up
You Pressed Record A While Ago But Nobody Told Me Go No Cameras Action Live And
Now I’m The Star Of The Show
Feels Like I’m Half Way Through The Scene And I Ain’t Even Read That Script
Rehearsed The Lines Or Read My Bit
Look What’s This Supposed To Mean Me When I Step On Stage Now Thousands Know My
Name White Gold Diamonds On My Chain
I Get Stopped For Pictures N Frames It’s Like A Never Ending Film Who Pressed
Record A While Ago No One Lurks No RUlers No
The Movie Started Some Time Ago