Перевод песни Lil Uno – So Addicted

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I don't know what's gotten into me
I can't sleep cause she keeps callin'me
All I wanna do is feel her one more
Time, I swear, just one more night
I'm addicted
I'm addicted to her
I'm addicted
I'm addicted to her
She want a
Bad boy with a little bit of thug in him
Make love, but she never get to hug
And a little Keith Sweat, and it's on, I bet
We gon'do it til the early morn'
She the shit, yep
Thick thighs and them pretty brown eyes
She down with ya boy like Bonnie and Clyde
Ready to ride, and I'm a tell you all why
Down with the syndicate
Oh my
It's the Boogieman, boy, though the neighborhood bashin'
Rider til the death, you can call me old fashioned
Sexy, fly and no dispute
She the cream of the crop, and that's absolute (Absolute...)
She wanna
Get away, wanna keep it on the low, now
Peep game, let me show you how it go down
First, you gotta get it, then you with it just right
If you tell her what you to do, then baby just might (Right)
No Sex In The Champagne Room
Still Lil'Uno with the (Biggidy Boom)
Pretty little face and a little bitty waist
And a Kitty Kat purr make a dog wanna chase (Uh)
So addicted, I ain't afraid to say it
It's a cold game, and I ain't afraid to play it
Body of a goddess, got me in the mix
Can't get her out of my head, your boy sick (Sick...)
See, we do it like this, and we do it like that
Get away for a minute, but she always come back
Like sex
Drugs and rock-n-roll
And it feels so good when I lose control
I got a
Dame piece, little mama, no drama
Exclamation, never no comma
How can I explain, every time I hear her name
Make me wanna fall in love, and I hope she feel the same
So addicted to the sex appeal
I can't
Get enough the way she make me feel
It's so good and bad and sick and twisted
I'm so
I'm so (I'm addicted to her)
I'm so
I'm so (I'm addicted to her)
I'm addicted to her
I'm so addicted to her
I'm addicted to her
I'm so addicted to her