Перевод песни Lil Uno – The Ghetto

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It's Lil' Uno...
Sicko Records...
Pre-Verse: Mr. Lil' One
I'm still up in your ghetto
Still got the bow and arrow
(Main Verse)
You don't want it with me, don't wanna wait too long
King of the west, Mister Babylon
Fools in the street, wanna babble on But when they see me in the street, wanna tag along
Shake 'em off, oh, please believe
Shoot for the kill, oh, yes indeed
Pull off your weed and you can have my plea
Stack my loot so handsomely
Better believe, I'm in the mix all day
Y'all wanna hate, got a price to pay
Triple O.G. since back in the day
Little mama come around, cause she love to play
It's like that, motherfucker, better ask around
Karma all the way to the underground
I been doin' it all, and I'm a do it again
So dangerous, WHO THE MEXICAN
Who is sick in the mind, Mister 619
Fine, so divine, every time I rhyme
Pass it along, 'bout to kill the game
U-N-O, you remember the name
Mister Sick-In-The-Mind, wanna talk sublime
With a fine ass dame, right around my side
Bring 'em alive, so I can buck 'em all
Say it real loud when we FUCK YOU ALL
If I go, I'm a come, I'm a bring the pain
Everybody in the crowd that'll see my name
Sayin', «Lil' Uno, man, we love you so Please never go, when you go, they flow»
What am I to do, I gotta give it to you
You been followin' my work and every thing I do
I owe it all, to my people now
The baddest of them, want a sequel now
What about the weak and the way they speak
Got 'em on repeat, when I'm on the peak
Obsolete, still givin' the creeps
Sickofied, seven days a week
Better beware, don't take me there
Smile in your face, every time you stare
In the world full of sin, from the hood to the pen
You don't wanna know where the fuck I've been
Can't fuck with us, I'm ridiculous
Ash to the ash, and the dust to dust
Watch who you love, who you lust and trust
Miraculous, every time I bust
Since a little bitty child, I've been showing you how
Lil' Uno in the crowd, can't fade the style
Salute me, boy, while I execute
You ready for the war, better get your boots (Boots...)
Chorus: Mr. Lil' One
I'm still up in your ghetto
Still got the bow and arrow
Another homocide guerro
Just missed the rap level
Ha ha ha...
You don't want it with me, boy...
It's Lil' Uno, baby...
Sicko Records...
Sicko Camp...
Ha ha...
Til the last day...
All day, boy...
Yeah (Yeah...)