Перевод песни Lil Uno – Love Like Magic

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Sometimes, my mind slowly drifts away*
Wonderin'if you wanna come play
I just want you to know
Love's like magic
Like magic
Hey, hey
Once upon a time (Yeah)
I ruled the world, it was mine, all mine
Chillin'in the sunshine, picturin'my mother smile
So clear, but it's been a few years now
If I could go back
And rewind time
Close my eyes, drift away, you would be sublime
Peace of mind
Rememberin'the good times
Little young'n, I was tryin'to kick a fast line
Those were the good old days, but now, they long gone
Turn them fast lines all into hit songs
Cause of you, I'm right here, doin'what I do
If you lost someone you loved, then you feel me too
What can I say
There's no one there for us to blame
At least once in your life, we all felt the same
Throw your hands in the sky, one more time
If you look, you will find, you can trust mine
Ho, ho
Wait a minute, now (Yeah)
I hope you know I do anything to make you smile
Why you chillin'with your fam in the afternoon
Barbecuin'all day til the full moon
And the little ones run around, makin'noise
And the teenage girls flirtin'with the boys
All the part of growin'up, if you ask me
Time travel too fast when it past me
Sweet melodies, bringing back memories
Put a smile on your face when you remember me
They say time flies
When you having fun
Pass it on to my daughters and my baby son
It's like magic, I try, but I can't explain
Pray to God, every day, that it stay the same
Go ahead, drift away, reminisce with me
Bout your kids, and your friends, and your family
Stay close, don't go, I can feel you now
It's like magic, just for a little while